From rosacea sufferer to rosacea sufferer: NIMO SKIN is one 100% Danish site founded as a result of the skin disorder, rosacea, which affects between 5-10% of all Danes - including the founders of the webshop.

We strive to offer products that can help give you and your skin the care it deserves, and we are therefore proud to sell ZZ-Cremen, which is an incredibly effective solution for rosacea as well as perioral dermatitis and several different types of acne. In addition, at NIMO SKIN you can find a range of quality care products that work really effectively in conjunction with ZZ-Cremen - and at the same time are based on reusability and natural materials and ingredients. 🌱

We are always working to improve our site, which is why any form of constructive feedback is welcomed. If we have been lucky enough to have you as a customer, we would also greatly appreciate a Trustpilot review of your experience with us. They mean more to us than you think! 💚